Follow Up, Email and Newsletter Marketing

E-mail marketing although relatively inexpensive can be extremely effective. If you’re paying for internet access, you’ve already covered a big portion of what it takes to put e-mail marketing to work for you.

Here are just a few reasons you should be utilizing e-mail marketing:

  • The average person checks their e-mail 2 or more times each day – how about you?
  • E-mails are quick to type, quick to send and quick to move your customers, clients and prospects to action
  • It cements your expertise. Which means prospects come to you, even when there’s a cheaper option down the road
  • It builds long lasting relationships. Relationships that foster trust and trust that makes you money
  • It keeps you top of mind (TOM), so you’re the first person your e-mail list members think of next time they want or need what your products and services.
  • It’s far superior to tired advertising like Yellow Pages, space ads and direct mail which can produce frustrating results and huge bills
  • E-mails are viral machines. With the press of a button, your customers and clients can pass your e-mails along to their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  • E-mail has the ability to increase customer retention and referrals

The secret to “follow-up marketing” is to make it automatic so that you don’t get caught up in the details of following up yet still maintain an effective follow up system.  With today’s technology it’s simpler than ever.

“Done For You” E-mail Marketing:

– Develop, create and write one 5 contact Prospect follow up autoresponder* sequence including specific calls to action.  Timing and message development will be based on company objectives.

– Develop, create and write one 5 contact Current Client Newsletter autoresponder* sequence including specific calls to action.  Timing and message development will be based on company objectives.

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