Quiz Marketing

How to Use Quiz Marketing to Capture Leads

An interesting, interactive and fun way to capture your website visitor contact information ot to provide a quiz for them to take.  After all, people are coming to your website because they have a problem they want solved and they are hoping your products and services can solve them.  Why not use a quiz to provide them with some needed information on their first visit.

Although special reports are more widely used, letting your website visitors take a quiz to see if they need your products and services is unique and just as effective.  In addtion, the quiz process we use let’s your website visitors immediatley see the results of their quiz.  This has the potential to actually shorten the sales cycle by providing relavent and timely information when your prospects need and want it most – right now!

Want to see how fast, easy, fun and effective taking a quiz can be?  Take The Quiz Below

Quiz Marketing Example – Answer the Questions Below to See How This Powerful Tool Works – Use The Scroll Bar on The Right to Answer All The Questions, Then Press The Submit Button



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