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Local Business Marketing Strategy – Social Media Marketing and How Engagement Sells

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Attract-LeadsSocial media marketing has been building a head of steam for the past decade. Today, social media platforms are an undeniable outlet for any company, organization or individual that wants to reach the masses, no matter how big or small they are. The fact of the matter is, when you want to sell an idea, good or service, you have to be where your audience is. Today, that simply means you have to be on social media. Period.

Why Does Social Media Marketing Work?
If you don’t know what social media is by now, you’re pretty far behind the curve. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., allow users to stay in contact with one another, sharing ideas, videos, updates, news, recipes, etc. Social media is exactly what it means: a place to be social and share media (and more).

For brands and individuals that are looking to connect with their audience, being on social media gives them a unique opportunity to engage their demographic. Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter allows you to open a direct line of communications with the masses, one that they can then respond to, share or ignore as they see fit.

With some social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you have to get your audience to connect with you first before they can regularly see the content you post. With other platforms (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), your content goes out to the world, but people can still choose to connect with you to better follow.

Joining In the Conversation
One popular method of getting others into the conversation is called “hashtagging.” A hashtag (the pound sign followed by a keyword that represents the topic e.g. #SocialMedia) gets people to join the conversation, yourself included.

When you join the conversation about topics near and dear to your brand, you set yourself as an authority in the industry. This local business marketing strategy is how you get people interested in you on social media. Once they are following you (or “liking” you or “friending” you or whatever), your content will go directly into their newsfeeds.

When this happens, you have a direct line to your consumer to tell them anything you want. This means you can talk about your new product line, give them information they need and want, or any other number of things. Of course, you don’t want to just sell yourself – you want to keep them interested in what you have to say, so providing them with data, information, useful tips, funny stories, etc., will keep them coming back for more.

It will also create a viral aspect to your social media marketing since your followers will want to share your interesting, fresh and helpful content with their friends. In turn, this brings more followers, viewers and ultimately, dollars to your brand.

Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Marketing?
Generally speaking, the best social media sites for marketing are going to be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any one of the other few dozen out there – as long as your audience is there. Each social media site has a fairly reliable user profile in terms of age group, interests and online habits.

For example:

  • Facebook tends to attract a middle-aged to older crowd (think college graduates and up) while Twitter lends itself to the younger to teen crowd.
  • LinkedIn is mainly used by business and industry professionals as well as those looking for careers (not jobs)
  • People who use Pinterest are more likely to be into crafts, the arts, cooking and DIY home projects

If you know your audience, you can directly translate that into knowing where your audience is on social media. Then, it’s only a matter of being there and engaging – of course, that’s the part that takes a little bit of know-how.

Social Media FAQs
Q: Should I be on more than one social media platform?
A: You should be on as many social media sites as you will be able to constantly keep updated. A poorly kept social media site is worse than no social media profile at all. It also makes no sense to be on social media sites if your target audience isn’t using them.

Q: Is social media marketing free?
A: While some of the social media marketing success you will have will be organic (and thus free), it’s becoming more common for paid social media campaigns to be a normal part of marketing spend. This trend towards paid social media marketing campaigns’ results being worth the spend in terms of ROI is expected to continue to increase.

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Local Business Marketing Strategy – Pinterest: Five Ways to Use it To Promote Your Business

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Social-MediaPinterest is a social media network that is growing by leaps and bounds each day. Most of its users are female, but the male population is growing and is thought it will even out in the next couple of years. People share and click through Pinterest pins at a higher rate than Twitter shares. You can create a viral pin that takes off without even trying, if you’re creative and give it some thought. People are generally visual, so seeing a beautiful pictorial of what they desire is more likely to get them to go to the store and buy that item.

1) Create Infographics – Infographics according to Wikipedia, “are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” They are designed to impart knowledge about a particular subject quickly in a visual manner. Imagine the types of infographics you can create for your business, from how to use a product or service, to showing how something has changed over time. So many things can be depicted in an infographic that you could literally create one every single day.

2) Share Product Pictures – Simply share a single product picture each and every single day. Is the product new, is it on sale, or perhaps, is it particularly useful this time of year? Share it! Take excellent pictures and write fabulous keyword rich descriptions and titles and your product pictures will be tagged, shared, and the products will likely be purchased. You’ll get people to come to your place of business because they saw the product on Pinterest and it looked so visually pleasing that they have to have it.

3) Promote Coupons – Have a sale and then promote it with a great printable coupon in the form of a pin. Make it visually pleasing to the eye, so that people catch what it is. Again, provide excellent keyword rich titles and descriptions, and you’ll soon find those coupons coming into your local business to be redeemed. Try having a new coupon each week to entice the viewers to share them, and bring them in.

4) Have a Contest – Nothing is more fun than a contest and Pinterest is an excellent way to promote one. You can plan it out in advance, and do several different type of contests, ranging from a pictorial scavenger hunt, to a real life scavenger hunt. Start a pin board to which others can contribute, and let people submit their photos of local shopping trips. This can be a great way to promote local shopping. Just a little creativity can go a long way.

5) Create a Story Board – People love knowing why you started your business. Create a story board about how your business started where it was, and where it is now. People would love to see photographs from “back then” up till today. You can keep adding to it over the years to keep the story going.

By participating with Pinterest, in this manner, to promote your local business, you’ll build your brand, attract new customers, and have fun, too. Don’t forget to follow other boards, and participate socially on Pinterest with other locals for maximum results.

Local Business Marketing Strategy – Build Your Business with Facebook Timeline Marketing

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Social-MediaLocal Internet marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. Today the technology allows you to hyper focus on your local area, and one of the best ways to do that is via Facebook Timeline Marketing.

Creating a business page on Facebook is your opportunity to increase your brand outside your store front. It’s like having another storefront in many ways because it makes it that much easier for your customers to share information with those who aren’t customers yet.

Additionally, it allows you to engage with customers and potential customers in a fun, interactive way. Whether you have a local beauty salon, a restaurant, a dentist office, an architectural firm, or another type of business entirely, you should market on Facebook timeline.

With Facebook you can:

  • Build Awareness — Once you build your business page on Facebook you’ll enjoy many options to let people know about your business. You’ll start with current customers, asking them to “like” your page, but then it will quickly expand and new people will discover your business.
  • Engage & Interact — Facebook has many features that allow you to engage and interact with other Facebook users. There are social plugins, you can create an app, create sharable memes, place an advertisement and more.
  • Improve Relationships — Facebook gives you an easy way to tell current and future customers about sales, post how to videos, and more about your business. When a client feels that they’ve developed a relationship with you, they’ll be more likely to not only continue buying from you, but they’ll be more likely to tell others about you.

Facebook Timeline marketing is essentially word-of-mouth marketing taken to a technological level. Being that it is technical it can be overwhelming. Even if you have technical knowledge yourself, it can be a time sucker if you don’t know what to do, or if you don’t realize that you can hire someone to do it for you.

In your business you probably hire a lot of people, such as an accountant, a bookkeeper, sales associates, and others. You probably have at least one contractor already, whether that is someone who cleans your office, or the company who fixes your copy machine. You can also hire a contractor who will handle all your Facebook timeline marketing needs. They are called various titles such as: Internet marketing consultants, social media experts/consultants, or Internet marketing professionals, but what they do is focus the entirety of their efforts on the specialty of Internet marketing.

You have a specialty too. It’s imperative that you focus on that specialty and allow others to focus on their specialty for the very best results. Taking time away from your main money making activity, whatever that may be, is not always a good investment of time. Remember time is also money.

The money you pay an Internet marketing consultant to professionally run your Facebook marketing campaigns is worth time to you. This is time that you can invest in your main money making activity whether that is cutting hair, pulling teeth, or baking bread. If you truly want to build your business, hire an Internet marketing consultant whose specialty is managing Facebook Timeline Marketing campaigns and watch your business boom!

Local Business Marketing Strategy – What Is Social Media SEO?

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Local Business Marketing StrategyIn times past, search engine optimization (aka SEO) and social media wouldn’t have been used in the same local business marketing strategy. After all, search engine optimization comprises techniques designed to help boost one’s search engine rank placement and social media sites, like Facebook, allow you to connect with your friends or customers in a “social” way.

However, recent changes by both Google and Bing make it clear that these major search engines are looking to social media sites as a way to validate the quality of the content found on websites. Those that make the grade are being rewarded with improved search engine rankings… even in “regular” search.

While there are some differences in the way Google and Bing are using information from social media sites to adjust their indexes, there are many similarities. The search engines are looking at the “authority” of the account holder and placing more importance on any links posted on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

While the links themselves may be “no follow” links, that isn’t stopping the search engines from adjusting the indexes and increasing the search engine rank placement for the web pages they point to. In fact, some have said that it appears as though “retweets” are the new form of linkbuilding.

Both Google and Bing are looking at the frequency that a particular link is posted (or re-posted) on the social media sites and are also paying attention to who is doing the posting. If your links are being posted by an individual or business that is considered to be an authority by the search engines, the associated web page may see a boost in its search engine ranking.

This development validates what many marketing experts have believed for more than a year now; Social media’s importance is growing in the eyes of the search engines and this trend will likely continue. It’s well known that Google places a premium on relevant content and quality sites and pages so it should come as no surprise that they are tracking the number of people who liked your content well enough to share it with others.

Those who would like to take advantage of these new search engine trends as a local business marketing strategy are encouraged to make it as easy as possible for others to share their content or the links they contain. Adding a “retweet” function to your website or blog, for example, is a great local business marketing strategy can dramatically increase the likelihood that your content will be shared by your visitors via Twitter.

David Carleton is a San Diego Local Business Marketing Consultant who specializes in showing small business owners how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using low cost strategies in local business marketing, lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media. To download a copy of the free report, “7 Steps to Website Success”, go to

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Local Business Marketing Strategy – Check Out My TV Interview on The 8 “ATES” of Successful Social Media Marketing

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

There are many strategies out there today on how to use social media marketing. From driving more traffic to your website to engaging with friends, fans and followers. Whatever your social media objectives are and whichever strategies you decide use, there are definitely some key aspects that can “make or break” your social media efforts.

I call them the “ATES” of Successful Social Media Marketing and I have listed the best and worst of them

Local Business Marketing Strategy – 6 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

With the advent of such websites as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. many are calling Web 2.0 the Social Media Revolution. It’s time to demystify social media marketing

Social Media Myth #1 – Social Sites Are Just For Teenagers
Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are some sites like MySpace and others that were originally created to cater exclusively to teenagers, many of them are now attracting older participants.

And although there are literally thousands of social sites out there today, once you determine the goals and objectives of your social media efforts, you’ll be able to narrow down the list to a select few that will concentrate on your target market.

Social Media Myth #2 – Social Media is Just a Fad
When the Internet first arrived on the scene, it was all about providing information and selling “stuff”. And while that is still a large part, Web 2.0 is all about users interacting with each other and consumer generated content.

When 6 out the top 10 websites in the world are social sites and they are getting 1 billion visitors a month and growing, I guarantee this is not a fad. This is Web 2.0, the future! And the best part is, that you have the opportunity to learn about it and get involved in it while it is still relatively new.

Social Media Myth #3 – Social Strategies Are Just for Big Companies
The Internet is the great equalizer. You are what your customers and prospects see, hear and read on line. If you make great products or provide great services and you can reach the right audience through a compelling social media strategy, then your company will benefit with more exposure, higher brand awareness and of course increased sales.

My advice is not to worry about what the big boys are doing, do what you need to do to grow your business and believe me you need to be doing social media marketing. Social media is a great “guerrilla marketing” tool that you can take advantage of and start reaping the benefits from very quickly.

Social Media Myth #4 – Social Media Marketing Will Cost a Lot of Money to Implement
The good news is that creating and implementing a social media-marketing plan does not have to cost a lot of money. As a matter of fact most social media websites cost nothing to join.

Now don’t get me wrong, as with anything, you’ll certainly have to devote an adequate amount of time and resources to be effective, but in actual hard dollars and cents, your investment can be quite minimal.

Social Media Myth #5 – Social Media Marketing is Primarily Used for Finding Friends and Sharing Video and Photos
While YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and other similar sites are indeed used to find friends and share experiences, photos and videos, many savvy marketers are finding that they can connect with groups, users, fans and enthusiasts.

How? By providing free information that members might find useful or enhance their experiences. These types of sites should not be overlooked as a way to open 2-way dialogs with your target market

Social Media Myth #6 – You Have to be a Marketing Whiz or Computer Geek to Effectively Use Social Media
Once again, not true. If you can surf the Internet, buy a book on Amazon and read blogs, you have the skills needed to benefit from social media. Frankly, the most important thing you need to help your company get involved in social media marketing is the desire to learn and the time to implement some very basic ideas and strategies.

Now, are there more advanced features on some of these sites? Sure, but even those can be applied by just asking current users or reading instructions that many of the sites themselves provide. I’m telling you, this is not rocket science!

To learn more about social media marketing Click Here

David Carleton is a San Diego Local Business Marketing Consultant who specializes in showing small business owners how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using low cost strategies in local business marketing, lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media. To download a copy of the free report, “7 Steps to Website Success”, go to

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Local Business Marketing Strategy – Social Media Marketing – 5 Reasons to Use Social Media Today

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

You might think that social media is only for kids, but any research reveals that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are constantly in the top 10 visited websites. Finding a way to use these sites to build your business will give you a clear advantage over competitors. Still not sure? Here are five reasons you will be glad you’re using social media for your business:

1) Time
Social media takes place almost instantly. Never before has it been so easy to talk to a client, or to reach out to customers. They don’t have to get in a car to visit you. You don’t need to make time for a meeting. You can just talk in real time.

2) Cost
Social media is free! It costs nothing at all to sign up to a few social media sites, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. Social marketing is free market research. It is free to communicate directly with clients and find out what they like about your product or service (and what they don’t). And if you find it’s not working for you, you haven’t spent any money.

3) Attention
The sheer numbers of people on social media sites should excite your inner entrepreneur. You have the potential to reach millions of people. If you provide relevant information that customers can use, they will pass it on to their friends and contacts without having to find your business card or remember your number.

4) Relationship building
Business isn’t always about the hard sell. Sometimes it’s about building trust and loyalty, and a great way to do that is to show consistent value. Social media makes that easy. From coupons to giveaways to quick tips, you can reach out to clients and customers as more than someone who wants them to buy.

5) Global competitive edge
The internet is always on, and it’s on all over the world. Entry into social media means more possibilities not just locally, but everywhere. Not only can social media marketing lead you to new clients, it can lead you to new contacts and partners that you wouldn’t have access to before.

Don’t leave prospective customers for competitors to grab, get started with a social media campaign today. If you’re still not sure how you can enter this lucrative arena Click Here

David Carleton is a San Diego Local Business Marketing Consultant who specializes in showing small business owners how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using low cost strategies in local business marketing, lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media. To download a copy of the free report, “7 Steps to Website Success”, go to

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Local Business Marketing Strategy – How to Evaluate Your Social Media Campaign

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

“Frustration” – a word frequently used to describe companies new to social media and those who have been involved in social media but have yet to enjoy a return.

The problem is two-fold. First, establishing a social media presence takes time and continued effort. You have to be consistent in your involvement with the social media medium and remember that returns will not be overnight. Second, you have to make sure that you are using social media in a way that makes sense for your business.

If you are not sure, ask yourself these simple questions:

– Are you using the right platform?
First, remember that there are a variety of social media platforms for you to consider – most notably Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Further, within these platforms, there exist variations on the theme. For example, in Facebook, you can have a “Page,” a “Group,” or a “Community.” Each variation has its own set of tools, purposes, and capabilities. In addition, you may decide to participate in several social media platforms at the same time. For example, if you have a fitness center, you may want to use your YouTube channel to publish videos on how to perform certain exercises or tapings of classes you offer there while using Facebook to build a sense of community through candid photos, listings of hours, available classes, and upcoming events.

– Have you scrapped past attempts?
However, you also need to remember that whatever you take on has to be maintained and updated regularly. This can take up valuable time and people resources. While it can certainly be worth it in the long run, remember that consistency is key. If you do not think you will be able to maintain various platforms (or you have already started and stopped using a platform) be sure to erase or delete those accounts. Otherwise, you stand the risk of eroding your brand value when a customer (current or potential) stumbles across your forgotten Bebo account. Instead, make sure that what you have is the best it can be and do away with anything that you are not actively using.

– Are you providing the type of information and interaction that your audience wants?
Ask yourself what it is that your audience would want to read, not what you want to tell them. Providing discounts or having giveaways can be useful, but you have to have more substance than that. Consider posting facts about your company, the brand, or its products. Think of the tidbits of information you encounter everyday that make you stop and say, “Really?” Examples include fun facts about how long you have been in business, what happens “behind the scenes”, why your business operates as it does (e.g. why Yoga class was cancelled on Tuesdays, why you do not serve poppyseed bagels, why you buy local, why legal documents are presented in blue card stock), etc.

– Are you listening to your audience?
Likewise, are you listening to your audience? When they make a post, do you respond? Do you stay on top of when your company is mentioned on other sites, blogs, social media, etc., and make relevant comments to that affect (on that site and yours)? Remember that social media has developed because of the continued interaction it affords. Its purpose is not to simply broadcast, but rather give people a voice in things they would otherwise not be privy to.

– Do you allow them a voice?
Similarly, make sure that you give your audience a voice. Ask open-ended questions, run surveys and polls, include them in new product decisions, etc. – the more things like this you do, the more valued your audience will feel. Remember that interaction is a large part of a successful social media campaign. If miss out on this, you may already be out of the game.

Local Internet Marketing is a key part of growing your business and brand, to attract local consumers.
Local Internet Marketing isn’t just about having a website, it includes being findable in multiple places when local consumers are looking for your product or service. Need help implementing this or other local business marketing strategies? We can help! Our “done for you” approach has been perfected to get you maximum results for your business with as little as an hour a month of your time invested. Sound interesting? Call us and we’ll show you how it has worked for other business owners just like you.

5 Reasons to Utilize Business Networking Websites

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Business networking sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo are sprouting up like so many weeds all over the Internet.  If you have held out joining these networks, thinking their popularity would blow over, I’ve got some bad news for you:  they aren’t going away.  It’s time to join up.  However, the good news is that joining these networks can do wonders for your business.  They are great places to connect with former colleagues and find new people to bounce ideas off of.  We have reached a point where you can’t really, in terms of business, afford not to be a part of the appropriate business networks for your field. Here are the top five reasons why you need to become part of online business networking groups yesterday!

Enhance Your Credibility
Putting a professional profile on business networking sites enhances your credibility in two ways.  First, it shows that you understand new marketing initiatives and can navigate around the Internet, harnessing its power for good in the business world.  That might seem like a no-brainer, but it is important for potential clients to see that you are clued in to the way business works now.  The second way that posting a professional profile to a business-networking site can help your business credibility is that with many sites you can have your credentials verified by third parties.  Your previous employment credentials, academic credentials and your professional affiliations can all be verified. That removes the ambiguity of a resume that has not been checked by outside sources.  I think all of us can remember how resumes without verification have surfaced during things like political campaigns and have been proven to be less than accurate.

Improve Your Reputation
The personal networking that these websites facilitate allows you to with LinkedIn, in particular, connect with or be “recommended” by others, who, by virtue of connecting with you or recommending you, solidify your standing in your particular professional field. These people can write testimonials about your work and vouch for your contributions in your field.  Interacting with others in your field, participating in the conversation and becoming better known will increase and improve your reputation.

Publish Testimonials of Happy Clients
In addition to your website, Professional networking sites are great places to publish testimonials from happy clients.  If you do not have testimonials, now is the time to request some!  Most customers are more than happy to agree, especially if you include contact information, such as a website, for their business as well.  Your testimonials are likely to get many more views on this type of site as people scan profiles in certain areas.

Link to Your own Website
Links from professional and business networking sites to your website are high in quality and can result in more traffic to your website.  These links improve your search engine ranking, which always helps to gain new customers.  In addition, any place that you can have your website information displayed helps spread the word about your business.  If you do not have a website, it is a good idea to start one, even a simple website or blog that you update frequently.  You can put more information on your own website than you generally can on a networking site.  Also, a website is increasingly seen as an indicator of credibility in and of itself.  You can display testimonials, samples, and your resume and provide an additional means for potential clients to contact you.

Allow Prospects to Interact with You
A good way to get more business is to provide an easy way for potential prospects to interact with you online.  If you feel unsure about giving your contact information to random strangers (and who wouldn’t, really?), professional networking sites online are a good way to have a third party help moderate and filter contacts for you.  You do need to provide some kind of access, and receiving emails through a double blind system helps keep spam out of your primary inbox, and helps you keep your contacts categorized.

Joining business networking websites is easy and can bring great rewards for the little time you must spend to keep your profile and communication up to date.  Find one and join!

Marketing Consultant San Diego – Social Media: 5 Trends to Consider

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Does the concept of starting a social media marketing campaign scare you? Don’t let it. While social media sites are quickly growing, they’re also becoming easier to use and are welcoming not only social butterflies but businesses as well. Social media marketing is slowly but surely finding its way into the standard marketing campaign – and for good reason. Here are some of the trends we’ve noticed over the past year.

A Lack of Control

When venturing into the world of social media, it is important to remember that you will have very little control over the actions and mindsets of your followers or fans. Take Facebook, for example. You may decide to build a business page for your organization but you may also find that your fans have created fan pages of their own – unofficial pages where they have chosen to network and talk about your products or services. While that shouldn’t discourage you from building your own page, it should encourage you to check out what others are doing or saying in an effort to monitor and protect your brand.

Exploring Collective Sales

The past year has introduced the concept of collective sales, or collective buying, to the social media marketing platform as well. Sites like Groupon offer businesses a set amount of guaranteed sales. You, as a business, will offer a steep discount but an individual can only take advantage of it if a guaranteed number of people make the purchase. Those clients may not turn into regular customers, but the collective sale will give you the opportunity to gain hundreds of new customers literally overnight.

Location Based Marketing

Technology is an incredible thing and advances in the way people can connect to the internet and, in turn, their social networks has had a huge influence on social media marketing. Anyone with a smartphone or an iPad can access the internet and many love checking in on social applications like Loopt and Foursquare. Even Facebook and Twitter have added applications that allow people to report where they are. Many business with storefronts are now offering incentives, ranging from discounts to free products, to customers who post that they are in the shop.

Social Networks and Gaming

Many social networks, including Facebook, feature incredibly popular games. Despite your hesitance, it’s important to recognize that millions of people are playing the games offered by social networking groups each day. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to advertise within these games. At the very least, you may be able to include your product in virtual form so that those “playing” can “buy” your “services.” They may just decide to do so in real life, too.

Social Media Experts

While social media was at one time completely free, trends now point towards the incorporation of social media experts into the overall marketing plan. These experts have experience setting up Twitter profiles or Facebook pages, making customizations and changes that will give you the most professional and appealing face possible. It’s all about building your brand, and an expert can help you set things up right from the start.

Social media marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and many businesses, from Toyota to Nike, are marketing their social networking pages (especially their Facebook fan pages) even more heavily than their own websites. It’s a trend in itself and will continue to grow over the next few years. Don’t launch an online business (or an offline business with a web presence) without adding social media to your marketing campaign. It’s guaranteed to make a huge difference.

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