San Diego Marketing Consultant Strategy – Blogging: A Casual Conversation About Your Brand

By now blogging is fully mainstream and most Internet users are well aware of blogs, and most have a handful of favorite blogs that they visit frequently. When you are involved in local business marketing, blogging can be an effective way to engage with your audience in a casual conversation about your brand that helps boost your search engine rankings, attracts a steady stream of traffic and establish you as a trusted expert in your field or niche.

If you’ve already got a static website where you offer your products and services, adding a blog brings timely, relevant content to your visitors. Blogging is a great way to keep prospective customers up-to-date with new products and services, and you can share behind the scenes information that they might never discover if you didn’t share it.

The search engines love blogs because it feeds them what they crave: timely, relevant, keyword rich and highly optimized content. Having a blog makes you a lot more visible in the search engines as it can be far easier to rank for your keywords with a blog than with your old-school, static website that may not be search engine optimized as blogs tend to be.

People tend to buy from people that they have some kind of trust level or rapport with, or because of a trusted, well-known brand. The way to become a trusted, well-known brand is to get into conversation with your market. Teach them about your product line. Share photos of how the products are assembled, or give some insight into how your services are performed. Listen to their questions and become a knowledgeable resource that your prospective clients can come to rely on. Blogging consistently can help you to accomplish those things and more.

Blogging can also facilitate the development of a sense of community around your brand. Linking your blogging efforts to your social media presence helps you to tap into the conversations that your customers and prospective customers are having about your industry. Your getting in there and solving problems and meeting their needs shows your human side and can go a long way towards increasing the trust level.

With social media optimization you’re getting people to talk about your brand as well as your products and services.  When potential customers hear about how good the service was at your company from satisfied customers, they’re more likely to pay your site a visit and make a purchase.  Get the conversation started about your brand through blogging.  It’s local business marketing that’s guided by your personality.

There are a few things that you have to make sure of when you start blogging about your company.  Make sure you choose good keywords, descriptions and tags.  This allows search engine spiders to find you and put you at the top of the search result list when people type in the keywords to search for your products.  Also, you’re going to need to optimize your blogs for social media like Facebook, Twitter,, and LinkedIn, etc.

When you are ready to get started with blogging, visit, where you’ll discover how having a blog fits in with your local business marketing strategy.

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