Marketing Consultant San Diego – The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

We live in a fast-paced society. Even though we have storefronts and websites, it is often difficult to make contact with those we’d like to offer our products and services to. While many are accessing the web from smartphones and iPads, they’re not always conducting local searches. Your job is to find ways to contact them on their mobile devices, usually via text message, making connections that will encourage them to visit your store or site later on. Here’ are a few reasons why you’ll want to take mobile marketing seriously.

Immediate and Urgent

Messages sent via mobile marketing, aka SMS or (short message services), will be received by your intended recipients within moments. This gives you the ability to create a sense of urgency, encouraging people to visit your store or website within a specified amount of time in order to take advantage of a special promotion or discount. It’s also a great way to remind your followers about special events (in store or online as well).

Mobile Marketing is Effective

Studies show that the average direct mail campaign today will receive a response rate of anywhere between 3 and 4 %. SMS messages have an average response rate of up to 15%. This is a huge difference. You’ll see much better results while spending quite a bit less.

Customer Interaction

Using SMS services will improve your customer retention while at the same time allowing your customers to interact with you on a regular basis. Depending on the mobile platform you choose, you can also create polls, ask for feedback, and use the ideas your customers have to increase the value of your offerings.

Local Targeting

With few exceptions, the phone numbers used in your SMS campaign will be local to your area. People won’t sign up for mobile updates from a business they’ll never be close to. The advantage is that you’ll always be reaching targeted traffic – people who have opted into your SMS list, people within a close proximity, and people who care about what you have to offer.

Mobile Marketing is Cost Effective

Let’s face it. Advertising campaigns can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re talking about print advertisements. Mobile marketing messages can be sent at a fraction of the price. This, combined with a higher rate of response, means you’ll get a much better ROI (return on investment). Your money will be well spent.

Mobile marketing may not be something you’ve considered in the past, but it is important to stay on top of changing trends. As a business owner, you have to figure out where your customers are and how to best reach them. The majority today have a cell phone in hand and the numbers are growing rapidly. Take advantage of the opportunity to make contact.

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