Marketing Consultant San Diego – Press Release Marketing: Getting Your Brand Noticed

Press release marketing places your business and your brand front and center in the media, which can be a powerful way to get a ton of exposure, and more traffic and links to your site.

With local business marketing, you want to catch the attention of the media to get publicity for your events, openings and announcements, and press releases are the best Never has the power of the media been more far reaching than today.

The 24-hour news cycle is in full-effect on air and on the Internet. On social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and, news and information travels fast and can be shared instantaneously.

With the popularity of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and mobile devices, the world has become even smaller because of this ubiquitous technology.

With all of this instantaneous access to news and information and the barrage of advertising messages that your customers and prospective customers see each day you’ve got to get you message out there and you’ve got to stand head and shoulders above the noise in order to get noticed. Getting mentioned in the media is the best way to accomplish that.

When you submit a press or media release it can potentially be seen by hundreds of reporters and media outlets. If you get mentioned or interviewed you can enjoy the immediate benefit of this in the form of more traffic and leads and people coming through your doors, but you can continue to get mileage from it in the future as you quote your appearance in all of your marketing materials.

How powerful would it be to be able to say that you were quoted in a newspaper article, or appeared on a national TV program. The only way those reporters and producers would become aware of you is if you submit a press release.

Public relations involves making yourself a resource for reporters, editors or producers. You have to remember that these individuals are important in press release marketing. You have to be able to show these individuals that you’re worthy of good publicity.

An effective press release must have all the pertinent information about your business up front. You’re going to need to grab people’s attention quickly with a powerful, compelling headline.

When people read on, they should be able to get information they need about your company in the opening paragraph.

Press releases about your brand have to be well written and distributed professionally as well. Just like with strategies of blogging and article writing, you have to make sure the press release is keyword rich.

If they’re placed in the right place, there’s a greater possibility for readers to turn into visitors to your site.

The Internet never sleeps. In order to get the most out of your marketing efforts make sure that press release marketing is part of your local business marketing mix.

When you are ready to get a professionally written press release for your upcoming event, launch or opening, Be sure to visit, where they can help put your business on the map and get you exposure in the 24-hour news cycle that can send you a ton of traffic and exposure.

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