Local Business Marketing Strategy – Want More Sales? Get More Testimonials!

Testimonials are one of the most powerful yet under-utilized and overlooked tools you can apply to your marketing efforts. They are neutral 3rd party endorsements. They build trust, get attention and overcome skepticism on even the toughest buyers.

Customers that give you great testimonials are also candidates to give you great referrals and end up becoming more loyal to your business. By the way, testimonials should always be about how great your company is, how great the buying experience was or how wonderful your customer service was. I do not recommend that testimonials are “product or brand specific” since you may at some point change brands.

Here are four tips for getting more/better testimonials:

1. After you deliver your product or provide your service, tell the client that you’ll be sending them their “New Customer Gift Basket,” and that you’ll be asking them to fill out and return a postage-paid testimonial survey page that you’re including. 90% of the clients that get your new client gift basket will feel obligated to return a simple testimonial – it’s just human nature.

2. Whenever someone mentions something positive about their buying experience, ask them if they’d mind sending it to you via e-mail. If you don’t hear from them in a few days, send them an e-mail, thanking them for their comments and ask them to just hit “reply” to add their testimonial.

3. Make it easy as possible for your customers to give you a testimonial. Instead of making a customer write out his/her testimonial, why not use a Testimonial Hotline. All they have to do is call a toll free number and just talk. You can transcribe it later.

4. Want to get the best testimonials possible? Try this…write out what you would consider to be a great testimonial and then turn it into a testimonial questionnaire. Then give the questionnaire to your customers in a postage paid envelope and ask them to return it. Be sure to include areas that specifically address your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and help substantiate your company claims.

Once you gather your testimonials, create a “Wall of Fame” in your store or office where you can post them all for perspective clients to see. Make testimonials a standard part of your product or service offering and presentations. Offer prospective clients and customers a list of testimonials with specific names and phone numbers to read, review and even call at their leisure.

Getting and using testimonials like this will undoubtedly help you close more sales.

Need help implementing this or other local business marketing strategies? We can help! Our “done for you” approach has been perfected to get you maximum results for your business with as little as an hour a month of your time invested. Sound interesting? Call us and we’ll show you how it has worked for other business owners just like you.

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