Local Business Marketing Strategy – Google Boost Ads to Come Up As a Blessing for Small Businesses


By Vikash Singal

Google was working on “Simple Ads” a while in order to make the AdWords experience an easier one for the users but was quite not successful in coming up with a product that Google was satisfied with. The advertisement initially focused on location based advertisements and came up as tag based ones later on.

It seems as if the long hard work of Google has gained a direction as Google seems to come up with a similar project to that of “Simple Ads” in form of Google Boost. The simplified AdWords under Google Boost are going to offer small businesses with better and target oriented audience.

According to the officials, the product is going to create an AdWords campaign automatically depending on the category of the business and the entire information the business is going to display in the directory listing. The business is just going to set up a monthly budget and everything will be on the Google’s part afterwards.

Google Boost will be tested in a few markets in order to see the possible outcomes it can render and in this phase, there isn’t any bidding neither any keyword research. The only detail that you are supposed to outline is probably the budget. This is all you need to do and the rest of the campaign will be dealt with automatically.

The catch is with the Google Places page where you need to set up your business account: this feature does come up as a great incentive for all Small Scale Businesses as they need not to create a lot of effective marketing campaigns to get notified. The search results against the keywords are certainly going to give them the kind of results they will be interested in.

The low budget service was long awaited by businesses around the world as every business that is in the initial phases cannot afford to pay for high end marketing solutions yet these AdWords campaigns and similar marketing campaigns suit them the best. Google Boost will be tested in a specific group of locations and will expand globally.

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