Local Business Marketing Strategy – Why A Blog Is the Smartest Thing You Can Do For Your Business?

What happens after you make a sale or provide a service? Do you keep in touch with your customers and clients or do you just hope they’ll come back? Wouldn’t you like to give more information about what you provide? Better yet, don’t you want to show them you are the best person to serve their business needs?

A blog can do that for you. Blogs are an excellent way to build your business by building a strong relationship with your customers who will buy more from you—and a great way to bring new customers to you as well. How?

Building Trust

Blogs are more personal than other forms of marketing, going beyond the hard sell and getting to the heart of what you and your business are about. You can stimulate conversation and ask questions, so that you are better able to provide superb service, and they will feel that their opinion counts. And if your blog posts are informative and regularly updated, readers will stay interested and come back for more.

By interacting directly with customers, you position yourself as an expert in your field and as someone they can trust. They will think of you first when they need the products and services you provide.

They don’t even have to go to your site—through the magic of RSS feeds, customers have access to your blog posts as you publish them, no matter where on the internet they may be.

Improve Your Site Rankings

Not only will a blog help you with current customers, it will help you find new ones. Once you have readers and make regular posts, your blog will be recognized and rewarded by higher placement in search engines where new customers can find you. An added bonus is that the blog will serve as a pre-screening process. Those who contact you will want you and no one else.

If you are interested in starting a blog but don’t know where to start, you can head to http://localbusinessmarketingsuccess.com/drive-traffic/blogging/ where we can discuss setting up a blog for you today.

David Carleton is a San Diego Local Business Marketing Consultant who specializes in showing small business owners how to spend less and get more from their marketing and advertising using low cost strategies in local business marketing, lead generation and conversion, Internet marketing and social media. To download a copy of the free report, “7 Steps to Website Success”, go to http://LocalBusinessMarketingSuccess.com

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